Mount St. Anne’s is a place of ministry of the Presentation Sisters (Northern Province) in Ireland. Since 1978 Mount St Anne’s has been a Retreat & Conference Centre offering a range of opportunities to individuals and groups, young and older, to explore how they can live life more fully.

Approximately 10,000 people pass through our doors each year. Many have come to Mount St Anne’s and gone home refreshed and renewed, with energy to make a fresh start. Many too have experienced a new depth of consolation and challenge in their faith in Jesus Christ.

During these years there has always been a Community of Presentation Sisters resident at the Centre who have contributed, each from their own gift and faith, to the life and energy that has been Mount St. Anne’s. The Sisters have been joined in this task by a wonderful lay staff who bring their expertise to the areas of hospitality, administration and programme delivery.

Mount St. Anne’s aims to be a source of nourishment for people who desire to deepen their spirituality; to nurture in them a longing to create a more compassionate, just and sustainable world, informed by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.


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