Mark Patrick Hederman’s Talk

Our series of Lenten Talks drew to a close last night. We had a wonderful evening with Mark Patrick Hederman, Abbot of Glenstal Abbey who addressed a packed house.  He integrated his response to the question ‘Why I remain a Catholic today’ with the theme of his latest publication ‘Dancing with Dinosaurs’, which is to be published before the end of the month.

A central theme was that the only thing that endures is Love and that all human institutions are subject to human failures. This includes the Catholic Church in its institutional aspects which is inextricably linked with its inner mystical life of relationship with God. The role of the Church is to deliver her children over to Love and then disappear.

The Catholic Church is more an organism than an organisation and renewal is a deed that we do rather than a manifesto that we proclaim. “The renewal of the Church must begin and end with the action which Christ performed at the institution of the Eucharist. ‘Do this in memory of me'”.  Mark Patrick was hopeful that the Holy Spirit is gradually improving mechanisms which might change the Church to become more fully the transparent image of God it is meant to be serving.

Many thanks to Mark Patrick for a very stimulating evening. His talk may be downloaded by clicking here. As always, we encourage you to enter your comments below.

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One Response to Mark Patrick Hederman’s Talk

  1. David Ennis says:

    I wish to contact Father Mark Patrick Hederman so that I could send him some of my writing for him to evaluate and let me know if in his opinion it contains any genuine seeds of spirituality. Poetry, essays and letters are the genres in which I have been writing. Simplicity is my goal and, I hope, style. I am pretty much a lost soul and require some guidance and reassurance, if possible, that I am on the right path. People to whom I have read my work, from all walks of life, have appreciated it. Whatever the outcome of this request, I shall keep right on to the end of the road.
    In the name of God, answer my request. David

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