Lenten Talks 2011

This year we are hosting a series of talks over the lenten period on the theme ‘Why remain a Catholic today?‘. Four speakers with very different life experiences will address the topic over a period of five weeks. Click on the heading on the menu line above to find out more.

Aftr each talk we will publish a series of posts on this blog, giving those who have attended and others an opportunity to comment. We hope this will generate constructive dialogue among those who wish to engage with the question.

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6 Responses to Lenten Talks 2011

  1. Ita Smyth says:

    I really enjoyed Nuala O’ Loan’s lecture last night. There was so much in it, it was hard to form questions on the night. However on thinking on it overnight I would love to have asked her the following question

    Considering the polarisation of the two Christian traditions in the North, was it not difficult and did it not require great courage to remain a Catholic and practice your religion even though for doing so you may have been shot?”

    This is a subject she did not really address and I am sure there are many Catholics in the North who were frightened to go to Church or others who were brave enough to do so and a great example to the rest of us.

    • Noel says:

      I agree that it takes great courage to remain faithful under such difficult circumstances. I think it is also true that such a context makes you think more deeply about your faith and why it may be so important to you. Down here, in the South, we took so much for granted because we knew no other culture. As a result we tended not to think so deeply about our faith and were inclined to blithely accept what we were told by our priests and bishops. Which was not good for us or for them. That, at least, is changing. A key question for me is this: What can we do within our diocese and our parishes to help us to engage with one another more meaningfully about our faith and how to live it with integrity?

      • Roisin Gannon says:

        Ita that would have been a good question to discuss. I am sure it must have been very difficult to be catholic in the midst of the troubles. At the same time doesn’t it say a lot about the faith of her parents and her mother particularly following the death of her father. Nuala showed us that her faith is alive and that she walks the journey of life in that faith. Her commitment to the Gospel and being Christian/Catholic was so obvious and inspiring. She is a great woman, and we are blessed to have heard her.

  2. Sheila says:

    Many Thanks to Nuala

  3. Ita Smyth says:

    Indeed Roisin – I have just reread her lecture now and found I was close to tears as I was during the night I listened to her but could not understand why. Now I know is becuse of her speaking of the time she spent with the people of Kenya, and the battered woman and the SVP caring for her and for this woman and her quotations from the Gospel which have helped her.

    Also when she spoke about the people that walk with you in Faith I think of a psychologist who walked with me until I accepted that our beautiful speaking developing three year old daughter had regressed into autism. It took two years to accept but he never baulked at the task. Many more have walked with me during this difficult period of my life and for that I am most grateful.

    To Noel
    We have started Eucharistic Adoration in our Parish and this morning as I sat and knelt before the Tabernacle I was struck by the Faith of those with me from diverse stations in life and this helped me in my own faith without a word passing between us. We got help to set it up from the National Organisation and because of this we reached all Mass going people and were surprised by the people willing to participate. The Spirit was indeed working in our Parish.

  4. Roisin Gannon says:

    Thanks Ita. Yes it is good to reflect on people who have walked with us on our journey particularly during the challenging times. This too reflects the community of the Catholic church to which Nuala referred. Our times of greatest challenge can become times of great growth…and these challenges are so much part of everyone’s life….mine as well as yours.

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